Sydney Passenger Trains

This video was shot during a short visit to Sydney in December 2015. It features a cross-section of the passenger trains that can be seen in Sydney, including the new ‘Waratah’ suburban trains (A sets), the K and M (Millennium) sets and also intercity V sets. All of these trains are double decker – a feature of Sydney’s electric rolling stock scene for over 50 years. The last of the single decker trains was withdrawn from regular service in 1992. You can also see NSW TrainLink XPT and Explorer trains. I used a number of suburban locations to capture a wide cross section of trains.

The video was shot with a GoPro camera, a device that I regularly use for my videos. GoPros come with a ‘protune’ setting, which equates to the ‘cinema’ camera style that can be colour graded and manipulated to give a more film like finish.  I am still experimenting with the use of ‘LUTs’ (Look Up Tables) that pre-formulate a colour combination and tone. I have been using the LUTs made by Ground Control and have had some interesting results, although not always to my liking. The LUTs are added and then further corrected in Da Vinci Resolve software – another piece of kit that requires a massive learning curve and much experimentation to get right.
I used a GoPro clamp to secure the camera for this shoot, using available points such as seats or railings to hold the camera clamp. I have since built a small rig to hold the GoPro in place and, after some modifications, it is proving to be a useful addition to my kit, although it is heavier than the previous clamp and it all adds up to more equipment to be carried. However, I am a big believer in holding cameras ‘steady’ during shooting, be it by tripod or some other form of stabilisation.

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